Titash Ekti Nadir Naam

Titas Ekti Nadir Naam ( Bengali : তিতাস একটি নদীর নাম ), Gold A River Called Titas , is a 1973 Bangladeshi film directed by Ritwik Ghatak . [1] [2] The movie was based on Adwaita Mallabarman . [3] The movie explores the life of the fishermen on the bank of the Titas River in Brahmanbaria , Bangladesh .

Rosy Samad, Mostafa Golam, Kabori , Prabir Mitra , and Roushan Jamil acted in the main roles. [4] The shooting of the movie took place on Ghatak’s health, as it was suffering from tuberculosis at the time.

Alongside Satyajit Ray ‘s Kanchenjungha (1962) [5] and Mrinal Sen ‘s Calcutta 71 (1972), Titash Ekti Nadir Naam is one of the Earliest movies to resemble hyperlink cinema , multiple featuring characters in a collection of Interconnected stories, predating Robert Altman ‘s Nashville (1975).

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