Do You Remember Dolly Bell?

Do You Remember Dolly Bell? ( Serbo-Croatian : Sjećaš li se Doli Bel? ), Filmed 1981, is the first feature film directed by Emir Kusturica . Showing early signs of the stylistic flair That is a coming of age story. The film was selected for the Yugoslav entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 54th Academy Awards , but was not accepted as nominated. [1]


Set over a single early-1960s summer in one of Sarajevo ‘s Neighborhoods, the plot follows the fortunes of a school boy nicknamed Dino ( Slavko Štimac ). Simultaneous to be enthralled with a life that flashes before his eyes and ears in the local cinema and youth center (where, among other things, he watches Alessandro Blasetti ‘s Europa di notte and listens to Adriano Celentano ‘ s ” 24 Mila Baci “) Dino gets a taste of the world by local thugs and petty criminals. However, when he is rewarded via a binding for providing a hiding place for prostitute “Dolly Bell” ( Ljiljana Blagojević ), his world is turned upside down as he falls in love with her.


  • Slavko Štimac – Dino
  • Slobodan Aligrudić – Father
  • Ljiljana Blagojević – Dolly Bell
  • Mira Banjac – Mother
  • Pavle Vuisić – Uncle
  • Nada Pani – Aunt
  • Boro Stjepanović – Cvikeraš
  • Žika Ristić – Čiča
  • Jasmin Celo
  • Mirsad Zulić
  • Ismet Delahmet
  • Jovanka Paripović
  • Mahir Imamović
  • Zakira Stjepanović
  • Tomislav Gelić
  • Sanela Spahović
  • Fahrudin Ahmetbegović
  • Samir Ruznić
  • Dragan Suvak
  • Aleksandar Zurovac

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