Legal Alternatives to

Opting for a movie night at home comes with its advantages especially when movies and TV shows can be streamed from your computer or TV. This luxury, provides viewers with the opportunity to watch free content online without relinquishing the comfort and security of your home. To put it plainly, there is no need to venture outside when you can snuggle up to a good flick.
For your benefit, there are many websites and also apps that allow viewers to legally stream from their computer, mobile phone or handheld device. Unlike hashlocker, these places are safe and do not threaten legal rulings. Conveniently, they provide you with a rewarding experience.

The great feature of these sites is that they give you access to complete TV shows and movies. Although some viewings are accompanied by a few commercial interruptions during a stream, you are still able to view full content. Also, you are given access to various genres such as action, comedy, documentaries thriller, drama and many other categories. The bonus is that while accessing these contents, you are given a peace of mind and not subjected to violations as hashlocker.
Below, are a few legal alternatives to hashlocker, that contribute to a worry-free viewing and streaming experience. Check out the great stand-ins for hashlocker, which are listed as follows:

This is a website and Youtube channel that provides an innumerable amount of free movies. They are constantly adding new content, which is rewarding for their viewers. Their ability to remain original and up to date sets them apart from many movie sites such as hashlocker. No registration is required and viewers are able to enjoy various movies at their disposal.

Similar to Popcornflix, Crackle is a free streaming website. The advantage to Crackle is that unlike hashlocker, they have a partnership to SonyPictures. This union allows Popcornflix to have access to many well-known movies that are available to viewers. There are few commercial breaks that have to be endured but the quality and selection are superb as well as the unnecessary need for registration.

In the movie section on Youtube, individuals are given access to movies that they can either rent or enjoy for free. These include an extensive list of new and classic movies. The benefit to watching movies on Youtube is that you can watch them on the go seeing as Youtube is also an app. Plus you are given access to a variety of movies that are legal to watch in comparison to hashlocker.

Unlike hashlocker, viewster is a legal website in which movies can be viewed for free. No registration or download is necessary and viewers can stream various movies and free TV shows. Selection is made easy as viewers can peruse through content Viewster’s home page with ease.

Another legal alternative to hashlocker, is This website offers an assortment of movies from various genres and is found in their ideal categories. Some movies can be streamed directly from or from embedded sites. Overall, it offers a great viewing experience at no cost and unlike hashlocker, gives you a peace of mind.